1. Terms and Conditions


Housing Loan

Loan Amount (USD)

Up to 300,000

Loan Tenor (Months)

Up to 300

Interest Rate (p.m)



2. Repayment Method

(1) Annuity base (fixed monthly payment: P+I)


3. Terms and conditions of product subscription

(1) Borrower age: from18 years old

(2) Personal documents

Copy of:

– Borrower’s identification documents (i.e. ID card, passport)

– Borrower’s family record book

– Borrower’s residence book (If any)

(3) Occupational documents

Borrower shall submit documents related to his/her employment and/or business to Bank as follows:


Copy of:

– Certificate of registration

– Patent certificate

– Operating license

– Financial Statements

– Other related documents (if any)


Copy of:

– Employment confirmation letter and/or ID card from borrower’s current company

– Copy of salary payment slip issued in the last 3 months (if applicable)


(4) Collateral

– Soft Title issued by District Level

– Receipt

– Title Deed